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To the Hills: Escaping Delhi's Heat

The summer heat in Delhi can be difficult to tolerate.  If you're not sweating like a pig, you're hopping from one air conditioned room to another. Or you're escaping Delhi altogether, as I did last week, and heading for the highlands to the north.  Just a 16-hour, overnight bus ride ... read more

Valerie Hohman

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flagUnited Kingdom

Learn to love the original football

Football (aka soccer) is addictive--It's the most popular sport worldwide, and I find it fascinating that it hasn't caught on in the U.S. Go Arsenal! read more

Ann Clark


Soccer, that's it

The most surprising aspect of sports in Chile was that despite the fact that there are university soccer teams, the players on those teams aren't students at that university ... read more

Matthew Hintsa


Skiing without the sunburn

For a country with a supposedly untouched countryside, I couldn’t get over one thing—what is the deal with all of these streetlights in the woods? With the winter ... read more

Patrick McCue


Soccer politics trump all

As an (American) football lover, I had little interest in soccer until I lived in the Middle East. But after spending countless nights in cafes puffing on a shisha and ... read more

Adam Lichtenheld


England's still the team to root for

I found it surprising that Ugandans seem obsessed only with teams from England, their former colonizer. read more

Pete  Muller


Patriotism and beer step up to the plate

While American and Cuban cultures are very different, the traditions surrounding professional baseball in the two countries are almost exactly the same: Everyone stands and sings the national anthem at ... read more


Seventh-inning propaganda

Professional baseball stadiums in Cuba are nothing like Major League stadiums in the United States. There are no advertisements anywhere; instead, they showcase slogans of Cuban nationalism and anti-imperialist sentiment read more

Miguel Torres-Castro


National loyalty comes to bat

Every province has a baseball team, but the Havana Industriales are the dynasty — sort of like the Yankees of Cuba. Their big rival is a Santiago de Cuba, a team ... read more

Michael Fletcher


The sport, not the insect

Aside from dodging speeding rickshaws on crowded streets, cricket (the sport) is definitely Bangladesh's most popular pastime. It's not the most exciting sport--there's a lot of standing ... read more

Amy Adoyzie Lam


Wrestle for a Cow

Don't miss a Schwingen match. Schwingen is a popular form of Swiss Wrestling. While hiking the Alps, you just might come upon a couple of men wearing burlap diapers ... read more

Chantal  Panozzo


Bad Teams. Loyal Fans.

Soccer. Most Europeans will think there's something wrong with you if you're not a fan. The Swiss are no exception. Even though their team is usually kicked out ... read more

Chantal  Panozzo


Hone your basketball skills

Tibetans love their basketball, and they’re good too. How well you play proves your social status. One day, my Tibetan teacher decided to have a fun class outside and ... read more

Emily Strasser


Watch from afar

Be prepared to visit your embassy in Tehran if you’re a woman and want to watch a live sporting event. If you’re an American woman, forget about watching ... read more

Mimi Hanaoka


Fútbol frenzy

To truly get to the heart of Ecuadorian life—especially that of a young adult—you must attend a soccer match. Many Ecuadorians practically live and breathe by their soccer ... read more

Ashley  Haugo


Soccer is where it's at

The big sport in Swaziland is soccer and the best thing to do on a weekend is to head to Somhlahlo National Stadium in Lobamba is to watch a Swazi ... read more

Mallory Primm


Real Madrid or FC Barcelona?

The first night I arrived in Granada my host family put me in the car, dropped my stuff off at the house, and rushed me to a bar to watch ... read more

Mike Mian

flagUnited Kingdom

Nothing like a Saturday soccer game

There is nothing like a watching a "football" (soccer) game on a Saturday. If you think the turnout is big for Patriots' games against the Jets, wait until you see ... read more

William Hardy

flagUnited Kingdom

Weekend sports

Saturday morning football games on the local park pitch are usually pick-up, and walk-ons are welcome! Just don't forget to bring your cleats, or "boots" as they are known ... read more

William Hardy


Two unusual sports: pentaque and kator

Lao people are big fans of soccer, which, of course, they call "football" when speaking English. But make sure to check out two other very popular sports: pentaque, which is ... read more

Gabriel Shaya


Looking for an argument? Talk about soccer.

Soccer and politics are two things that you should never talk about with a Greek, unless you're looking for an argument. The discussions can get heated. Every day, at ... read more

Christopher Duffy


Looking for a full body workout on the beach?

Head to the islands in Southeast Thailand and you will find amazing rock climbing on the beach of Ton Sai near Krabi. From here you can take an ocean kayak ... read more

Anna Schwaber


Strength, solidarity, and durability in the Mongolian wrestling palace

Bokh, or Mongolian wrestling, is one of three of the country's most popular sporting events. If you’re in Mongolia in July, whether you’re in bustle of Ulaanbaatar ... read more

Lindsay Myron


Catch the football fever

Soccer is Malawi’s sport of choice. If you have the chance, attend a game at Blantyre’s Kamuzu Stadium. Local matches draw small crowds, but if the Malawi Flames ... read more

Rebecca Jacobson


It's all about Alianza Lima

I don't particularly like soccer, but it's impossible to escape "fútbol" (Spanish for "soccer") here. One of the biggest soccer teams is Alianza Lima, a team of Afro-Peruvian ... read more

Courtney Ng


Hike the path less traveled

The country of Lesotho was built for hiking. Its mountains are the highest in Southern Africa, there are no fences, and foot paths tattoo the land between every possible destination ... read more

Greg Alder


Get a pair of gym shoes and keep them shiny white

In most gyms where I grew up (the United States), members can just walk in in their casual sneakers, pick up a basketball and start playing. In Japan, the gym ... read more

Saleem Reshamwala


How you vote is who you root for

In Cyprus, devotion to a local football (soccer) team is not only based on location, but politics. There is a leftist, communist team (Omonia), a more right-wing, nationalist team (Apoel ... read more

Madeline Blount


The cricket field: Trespassers will be persecuted

Cricket is the national obsession of Indian men. It is the be-all, end-all, sport-of-sports, source of rivalry and redemption. I once made the mistake of cutting across the outermost edge ... read more

Valerie Hohman


Fun with paddles

Any time of the year, you will see Israelis on the beach (minus the few rainy days in winter) playing Matkot, a sport played with a small round ball and ... read more

Jonathan Amerikaner


Here it's called Kurat el Qadem

In Cairo, it's all about El Ahly (ah-Ha-lee). Kurat el Qadem, as soccer is called in Arabic, is by far the most widely watched sport in Egypt. On nights ... read more

Max Nepstad

flagUnited Kingdom

Not just football

Football may be England’s most popular sport, but that shouldn’t keep you from checking out this country’s other fine displays of athletic prowess. To see real, die-hard ... read more

Marshall Worsham


Come for the scandal, stay for the cricket

If you find yourself in India in March or April, don’t miss watching a game, or several, of the IPL (Indian Premier League) 20/20 cricket series. This fast-paced ... read more

Janna White


Instant Friends

There's no better way to make friends in Mongolia than joining some students in an impromptu gave of basketball, volleyball, or soccer. It's almost always possible to join ... read more

Andrew Cullen


Western Cheerleaders for Eastern Cricketplayers

It’s an anomalous yet growing phenomenon that much of Indian advertising uses Western models with very white skin: commercials, billboards, magazines. However, don’t be surprised when watching India ... read more

Rohan Radhakrishna


Soccer Fever

Hands down, soccer is the most popular sport in Uganda. People love watching it, playing it, and chatting about it. Even in the smallest villages you'll be able to ... read more

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