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Cocktails Minus the Molotov

  My ears are ringing. My knee is swollen and there are small black capital letters on my right forearm that spell ATTACK. And to think I wasn't going to go out last night.   When I entered Medika earlier this evening a man pressed a stamp firmly onto my ... read more

danielle hayes

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flagUnited Kingdom

Early drinking, dinner optional

The nightlife starts earlier--but doesn't necessarily end early. Most people head to the pubs straight from school or work, and it's OK to substitute beer for dinner. "Eating ... read more

Ann Clark


18 to party

The nightlife scene is markedly different in that I can actually get into clubs in Chile. Most clubs are 18+, as opposed to 21+ in the US. That said, I ... read more

Matthew Hintsa


Nurse that beer

Be prepared for a light night of drinking in Norwegian clubs. With beer averaging over 60 kroner ($9) for a half liter—and it can be much higher depending on ... read more

Patrick McCue


Variety in Amman

Amman hosts a healthy assortment of bars and cafes, from seedy, male-only back alley joints to glitzy, expensive nightclubs. Jordanians (at least those who drink alcohol) possess a puzzling affinity ... read more

Adam Lichtenheld


Dancing...with a side of danger

Despite its history of extreme danger after dark, Gulu boasts a remarkable nightlife scene. During weekend nights, one can hear music blasting from nightclubs until dawn. There are several bars ... read more

Pete  Muller

flagPuerto Rico (U.S.)

Bring your dancing shoes

Salsa dancing is huge in Puerto Rico, and I was surprised again and again when the seemingly nerdiest people would bust out some pretty impressive moves on the dance floor ... read more

Danielle Taylor


With two bottles of rum, even the bus ride becomes a party

House parties always consist of pepinos (old soda or water bottles) full of homemade rum, and lots of salsa and reggaeton music. My favorite weekend was when I went camping ... read more

Heather Kirkwood


You ain't missin' much

The vast majority of us go out dancing or hang out in bars because there's alcohol involved, and by default our nightlife revolves about that beverage of acquired taste ... read more

Amy Adoyzie Lam


Lollipop, Lollipop

If you want to try something a little different, try going to a Swiss Lollipop Party. Besides lollipops hanging from the ceiling of the club, you'll be treated to ... read more

Chantal  Panozzo


Partying and clubbing is part of life

Pretty much everyone over 16 goes to clubs in Chile. Not only has this taught Chilean teenagers how to manage alcohol consumption and sexuality more or less responsibly, but it ... read more

Laurel Wolf


Remember you’re in the Islamic republic

The “nightlife” section of Lonely Planet Iran is exactly one paragraph for the entire country, and that’s a fair reflection of what’s on offer here. The Islamic Republic ... read more

Mimi Hanaoka

flagUnited Kingdom

Warning to the thirsty

When walking into a pub with friends in Belfast, someone will inevitably turn to the group and say "What are you drinking?" and proceed to buy drinks for everyone. The ... read more

Elizabeth Nelson


Dharamsala is hopping in the morning

Nightlife? What’s that? I guess it depends on which crowd you’re hanging out with, but among the locals in Dharamsala, nightlife is pretty nonexistent. In my home-stay family ... read more

Emily Strasser


TInkers, the (in)famous nightclub

The nightlife options in Swaziland are pretty limited. However, the industrial center of Manzini does offer a few dark, dirty, and sometimes rough nightclubs -- the most (in)famous of which ... read more

Mallory Primm


Granada: Free tapas with your drink!

If visiting Granada, a night hitting up the tapas bars is a must. Granada is rumored to be the only city in Spain that offers free "tapas" with every drink ... read more

Mike Mian


Be a lone wolf (or a small pack)

You don't have to invite all of your friends or roommates when you go out. A group of two or three is a good number if you want to ... read more

Laurence Tooth


No drinking the night before an election

Here's something handy (and interesting): In Argentina, it is illegal to sell alcohol the night before an election. The idea is that politicians want the electorate to head to ... read more

Julie Turkewitz


Dress in layers when pub hopping

When pub-hopping through Ireland in the winter, make sure you layer your clothing. Pair a t-shirt or a light-sweater with a heavy coat that you don't mind getting dirty ... read more

Naira Kuzmich


Erasmus nights

If you're an international student in Paris, whip out that student ID when you get to the club. Lots of clubs in Paris have Erasmus or International Student nights ... read more

Francesca R


Climb into bed with a stranger

One afternoon in Zadar, while wandering by my lonesome, I met a fellow traveler. We struck up a conversation, watched the sunset over the water and half an hour later ... read more

danielle hayes


Is this a nightclub or a carnival sideshow?

After 3 a.m., when everything in Blantyre has closed, there’s one place to go: Chez Ntemba. Though entry tickets call it an “international dancing club,” the establishment is ... read more

Rebecca Jacobson


Forget the Full Moon party. Find a jungle party.

When traveling to the islands in the South of Thailand, many will try to convince you to visit Koh Pah Ngan, where the Full Moon party takes place. The island ... read more

Anna Schwaber


Wrist-twirling dances or cheap beer

In Luang Prabang, your nightlife options are somewhat limited, with two main nightclubs in town. Dao Fa is more popular for the younger crowd, and plays western and Thai pop ... read more

Gabriel Shaya


Take advantage of Lima's diverse hotspots

The beauty of being in a cosmopolitan city like Lima is that there's something for everyone -- and that is true of the nightlife scene as well. For great bars ... read more

Courtney Ng


Hey, that's my drink!

If you go drinking with Bolivians, don't be surprised if a considerable quantity of your beverage ends up on the floor. A common method of alcohol consumption is communal ... read more

Jessica Aguirre

flagUnited Kingdom

London's no Río, but...

Most pubs are required by law to close down at midnight or earlier, and good clubs (which stay open later) are hard to come by. Unless you get invited along ... read more

Marshall Worsham


Party over dinner

There are clubs in Cyprus, but the dance scene involves a lot of well-dressed people standing around against the wall. The real parties in Cyprus start over long dinners, sometimes ... read more

Madeline Blount


Know how to turn them down before you go out

When out clubbing in Italy, it's a good idea to learn a key few phrases. My friend and I were out clubbing and it was very difficult to convey ... read more

Michelle Saltis


Shots are cheap!

It didn't take long to discover how pricey living on the Euro could be, especially in regards to the nightlife. Thankfully, there are these lovely places called "chupiterias" or ... read more

Katherine Sasser


A night on the town In Delhi

Over the last few years, the Delhi scene has exploded with trendy places to eat, drink, and dance the night away. Urban Pind in GK 1 and The Living Room ... read more

Valerie Hohman


Non-stop parties

The nightlife in Israel is outstanding. I found many bars and clubs that would not shut down until the last customer was stumbling out, often at 6 or 7 in ... read more

Jonathan Amerikaner

flagSouth Korea

How to Drink outside a Convenience Store in South Korea

I haven't yet been in Korea for a year but I am stoked to resume one of my favorite seasonal activities – drinking outside of a convenience store. There is ... read more

Kristin Pederson


Bring Light to Lamu

During the day, Lamu Town is a lovely island village filled with fascinating architecture, kind people, and adorable stray cats. At night, it is still all of these things. However ... read more

Cara Giaimo


Learn to Twirl

I have been to countless work parties and community dances in Mongolia, and one thing has always kept me from being the most popular man in the room: I can ... read more

Andrew Cullen


How to Score Import Booze in Egypt

Outside of expensive hotels and embassy clubs, it's very difficult to find import liquor, wine, or beer for sale anywhere in Egypt. In fact, the only truly legal way ... read more

Ian Bassingthwaighte


Land of Booze and Bars

A few years ago, the World Health Organization said Ugandans consumed more alcohol per capita than any other country in the world. Beer is everywhere here; five-cent bags of whiskey ... read more

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