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Episode Three - Vieytes Tango.

In the third episode of Music World, we are in for a little treat. I present to you Vieytes Tango, a young trio who I’ve invited to perform in my San Telmo loft for a variety of American study abroad students and Argentine musicians. I met Vieytes Tango a few nights earlier at the Milonga ... read more

Oresti Tsonopoulos

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Insider Tips


Bring a scarf to the opera

Vienna is known for its classical music scene, which you can take part in for an amazingly cheap price. You may have heard that on the day of a performance ... read more

Vanessa Quirk


Techno, jazz, and everything in-between

Returning to my host family after a weekend traveling in Belgium, I found the door to the house swung wide open and boxes of old vinyl records flooding the lower ... read more

Ali Goldstein


Pop music is American music

The music scene, as I usually discover in any foreign country, is disappointingly yet understandably dominated by US artists. For example, on the seriously high-tech metro trains on the Metro ... read more

Matthew Hintsa


I love the 80s

In the most peaceful nation in the world according to the Economist Intelligence Unit and at the top of the Human Development Index, it was quite the surprise to hear ... read more

Patrick McCue


Can't stop the pop

For some unfathomable reason, Jordanians are in love with Bryan Adams, and a lot of the music played on the radio or blaring throughout the cafes is of the "Now ... read more

Adam Lichtenheld


Hip-hop on the rise

Uganda has a growing hip-hop scene. I spent some time shooting in a music recording studio in Gulu called Bushfire Records. My favorite artist on that scene is Smokey Allan ... read more

Pete  Muller


Street music community affair

People spend a lot of time outside on the street, talking, singing and dancing! If some music starts to play, you can be sure someone will start singing along and ... read more


Take to the street for music

In Cuba, it's not necessary to go to a club or concert to find great music -- every restaurant and coffee shop is full of high-quality artists and musicians. And ... read more

Elisabet Rodríguez


Tots and senior citizens rumba together

Traditional salsa and rumba music are still very popular in many parts of Cuba. The salsa and rumba dance crowds are generally very diverse, with ages ranging from six-year-olds to ... read more

Miguel Torres-Castro


Cubans don't share American pop idol craze

Believe it or not, Cubans just aren't interested in Britney Spears. Their musical interests revolve around their own national treasures -- Polo Montanez, Celia Cruz, Buena Vista Social Club and ... read more

Sarah Martin


Never thought I'd be grooving to 'Billy Jean' in Cuba

Many Cubans I met were very obsessed with Michael Jackson and, for some reason, Air Supply. read more

Michael Fletcher


Listen for Stress

Radio Stations. Restaurants. The Singing Christmas Tree at the Zurich Christmas Market. They all have one thing in common--American music. Unfortunately, it's hard to find much Swiss influence in ... read more

Chantal  Panozzo


Uptempo Cher in Hindi

Bollywood music is huge in Bangladesh. There's a music video channel dedicated Bollywood videos, and cell phones everywhere blare Bollywood songs. Young people watch the dance videos and memorize ... read more

Amy Adoyzie Lam


Check out Quran recitations

You’ll hear raucous Lebanese pop and crooners from Persian Gulf blasting out of Damascene taxis and music stores in the Old City market, but if those aren’t to ... read more

Mimi Hanaoka


Two scenes: take your pick

For traditional and modern Tibetan music and dance, try to attend one of TIPA’s (the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts) shows. For a very different but equally fun and ... read more

Emily Strasser


The house is on fire

The Bush Fire Music Festival is a big deal in Swaziland. The three-day participatory music festival takes place every year at the end of July. Artists from across Africa come ... read more

Mallory Primm


The return of the boombox

The streets of Granada are filled with a cacophony of everything from Daddy Yankee to Celine Dion singing "My Heart Will Go On." In a recent phenomenon, many adolescents in ... read more

Mike Mian


Learn to embrace the songs that get on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves

I've become convinced that all radio stations in Peru have a set list of five pop songs they replay over and over again throughout several months. At times it ... read more

Courtney Ng


The ocean is an organist

The sea song is particularly melodic in the old city center of Zadar. This is due to the sea organ, a seamlessly integrated art installation that makes itself known only ... read more

danielle hayes

flagUnited Kingdom

500 years and still singing

If you do nothing else in Oxford, be sure to hear a choral service in one of the college chapels. Magdalen, Christ Church, New College, and Queen’s Colleges have ... read more

Marshall Worsham

flagUnited Kingdom

Looking for the underground? Yeah, it's right here

For big-name acts, head to London. But if you’re looking for young bands trying to make it, Oxford is Mecca. If you spend more than a few weeks here ... read more

Marshall Worsham


Rainy day? Brush up on Thai pop culture.

Sick of hearing American pop music even when you are abroad? If you're ever stuck inside because of the rain of Thailand's monsoon season, turn the TV to ... read more

Anna Schwaber


How to communicate with animals

The "morin khuur," or horse-head fiddle, is the most famous instrument of Mongolia and is considered a symbol of its culture and heritage. The instrument was traditionally made in honor ... read more

Lindsay Myron


Check out the Mongolian pop scene

Definitely don’t miss hearing Mongolia’s traditional music, but the pop music scene is big with younger generations and is also worth checking out. My favorite group so far ... read more

Lindsay Myron


Lao and louder

The Lao have an insatiable appetite for loud music, and at all times of the day. If you plan to attend a wedding or new baby party, be prepared to ... read more

Gabriel Shaya


Learn a bit of enka to impress (and amuse) your friends

Karaoke is a regular part of Japanese nightlife, so you might as well use it as a chance to work on your Japanese. Enka is a kind of Japanese music ... read more

Saleem Reshamwala


Drinking, dancing, and brothel poetry

There are many kinds of music to sample in Cyprus, from traditional goat-herder bagpipes to Turkish club music (impossible not to dance to). In the Greek-speaking South, don't miss ... read more

Madeline Blount


Listen locally

Malawi has a wealth of local musical talent, and the small scale of the scene means it’s easy to see top-notch acts for cheap. For an introduction, check out ... read more

Rebecca Jacobson


Bollywood tunes: from lyrical to “sex sells”

As Indian cinema adopts the conventions of its Western counterparts, there’s a stark difference in both the melodies and lyrics of many contemporary Indian tunes compared with those from ... read more

Valerie Hohman


Mosh with the Maasai

One of my professors once described the traditional Maasai warrior lifestyle in this way: "They walk all day to get to a party, and dance and sing all night, and ... read more

Cara Giaimo


Eternal Rock and Roll of the Mongolian Steppe

One of the most exciting bands in the contemporary Mongolian music scene is Altan Urag, who call themselves a folk-rock group, and mix traditional sounds and throat singing with rock ... read more

Andrew Cullen

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