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Like and Love in Korea

Like & Love in Korea I’m in a country where I look nothing like the locals. They have high cheek bones, almond-shaped eyes, dark straight hair, weigh an average of 100 lbs., and are generally hairless. Me?  My cheek bones scream Westerner.  I have big, round, blue eyes.  My hair ... read more

Amanda Purnell

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Insider Tips

flagUnited Kingdom

Don't expect a horse and carriage ride

Unless you've taken his seat, don't expect an English man to approach you in a pub. I find they generally gather enough courage only very late in the ... read more

Ann Clark


Boyfriends and girlfriends are part of the family

Boyfriends and girlfriends (pololos and pololas, respectively; not novios and novias as I had learned in the US, because 'novios' are engaged lovers rather than simple boyfriends and girlfriends) tend ... read more

Matthew Hintsa


It's not just a drink

If you want to buy a drink for the girl at the end of the bar, know that it is an investment. With the price of alcohol so high, the ... read more

Patrick McCue


Date smart

Maneuvering through the abundance of young, beautiful, well-endowed women in Jordan as a poor, white, non-Muslim foreigner is a bit like walking through a Mercedes-Benz dealership without a dollar to ... read more

Adam Lichtenheld


Be wary of your sudden powers of seduction

I am in a committed relationship so dating was not part of my experience in Uganda. On the basis of previous experience, however, I would urge singles to be conscious ... read more

Pete  Muller


Making friendships

If you come to Bangladesh with new expectations in the realm of dating, you will be disappointed. As it is a Muslim nation with strict social rules about how men ... read more

Amy Adoyzie Lam


Go Online

Nothing like a first date activity of milking a cow. But then again, this is nothing out of the ordinary--at least in rural areas of Switzerland. To find your future ... read more

Chantal  Panozzo


Get married. Or tell a white lie.

If traveling with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, introduce him/her as your spouse in the Islamic Republic of Iran. You won’t just receive a withering look from the ... read more

Mimi Hanaoka


Beware of women, and women beware

As a foreign male, you will be approached by many local women who are looking for a Sugar Daddy. Even if you are sincerely courting a Swazi woman, expect to ... read more

Mallory Primm


Enter with Care

Dating Tibetans can be tricky, due to different cultural expectations. Tibetan women are generally reserved with the opposite sex, but Tibetan men are often very interested in American women. Just ... read more

Emily Strasser


Keep it under wraps

It is illegal for a foreigner to have sex with a Lao person, unless they are legally married. If you plan to, you risk being deported, or worse--spending time in ... read more

Gabriel Shaya


Sorry, but your friendship is outside my budget

Be wary of "bricheros." A "brichero" is a Peruvian slang word for a person (usually men, but sometimes women too) who want to spend time with a foreigner to get ... read more

Courtney Ng


Watch yourself, boys

It's not uncommon for a Mongol and a foreigner to go on a date, but be forewarned. If you're a guy and a Mongol sees you walking with ... read more

Lindsay Myron

flagUnited Kingdom

You might find someone, you might not

“England’s is a post-Christian society,” explained one of my college administrators before term began. “You’ll have no trouble finding whatever you’re looking for as far as dating ... read more

Marshall Worsham


Single women may want to wear a wedding ring

For many Egyptians, the concept of a group of girls and guys being close platonic friends is beyond foreign. You'll have to repeatedly explain to your friends that none ... read more

Delia Harrington


Be mindful of local dating taboos

Going on a date? You might want to leave that tank top in your suitcase. A bare-armed Western girl drinking in a bar with a guy is not a normal ... read more

Anna Schwaber


Ladies, don't expect any chocolate come Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day in Japan, girls buy boys chocolate. Boys buy girls ... nothing. Sorry, that's just the way it is. BUT, fellas, don't think the Japanese chocolate ... read more

Saleem Reshamwala


One on one?

Both young men and young women in Cyprus tend to live at home until they are married, which can put a conservative spin on the dating scene on the island ... read more

Madeline Blount


Lost in flirtation

I recently tried explaining to a cute Indian boy on the bus to Jaipur that he had to do more than just say “hello” before I would give him my ... read more

Valerie Hohman


Keep your PDA under wraps

Displays of affection are common in Malawi, but you’re more likely to see them among members of the same sex than between men and women. Men hold hands while ... read more

Rebecca Jacobson


Family first

Israelis have a strong sense of family values, and that affects dating etiquette. Within the religious communities, dating is usually seen as a precursor for marriage, so the dating period ... read more

Jonathan Amerikaner


Egyptian Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in Egypt is just as big as it is in the United States. The streets of Cairo are flooded with vendors selling stuffed animals, big red hearts ... read more

Max Nepstad


Sitting surprise

Expressing clear expectations is key when dating in Mongolia. People here are often very realistic about sex, but the dating-before-marriage period tends to be much briefer. It might seem nice ... read more

Andrew Cullen


Congratulations on your wedding!

Men and women traveling together in India (sex-crazed foreigners that we are) are often assumed to be having lust-filled, illicit affairs. To avoid curious looks and unwanted attention, tell people ... read more

Janna White

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