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Life tidbits in Lanzhou.

Same old same old? Well, a new school year has started and it seems I know what is going to happen, so it's slightly less exciting. I have my classes, I know most of the kids, I know the colleagues, they know me, they still think I'm the French teacher, ... read more

Mathilde Verillaud

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The London Monopoly Challenge and the Circle Line challenge

One of London’s most popular weekend activities for the competitive at heart is the London Monopoly Challenge. You have twelve hours. Get a group of friends, a Monopoly board ... read more

Marshall Worsham


Ankle Bone Games

Mongolia's version of board games is "shagai"- sheep ankle bones. There are dozens of games that can be played with the bones, which have 4 distinct sides: sheep, goat ... read more

Andrew Cullen

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