How To Stay Poa

Cara Giaimo
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You’re new here and you stick out like a shaved goat. Hawkers smell fresh meat and suddenly you’re surrounded. A dozen hands, draped with identical souvenir necklaces, extend into the space you had previously considered personal! Swahili fills your ears! You’re overwhelmed; whelmed is back in the airport. Don’t panic: If you hear “Mambo!” someone's asking you what’s up. You have many response options; “poa” (cool) and “safi” (clean) are a couple. The preferred handshake for cool people in Tanzania has three parts: a regular US-style clasp, a rotation 90° up using your hooked thumbs as a swivel point, and then a return to the first clasp. It’s easy - just be ready for it or you’ll end up thrashing around in your new friend’s grip. Not po


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