The low-down on Mexican slang

Charles Mostoller
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Wanna learn some Mexican slang? Here are some examples that you will hear a lot amongst Mexican youth: gacho = bad; padre, poca madre, chido, chulo = cool; chingon = very good; un chingo, un chorro = a lot; en chinga = in a hurry; perro = hard, difficult; tianguis = market; apapachar = to cuddle; aguas! = watch out; aguantar = to wait; chela, caguama = beer; guapachosa = full of life; locochon = crazy, in a good way; cuate = good friend; carnal = very good friend, brother/sister; apurarse = to hurry; apurate! = hurry up!; camion = bus; camioneta = truck; nena, nene = girl, boy; tata = grandfather a huevo = of course, heck yes! orale, camara = yes, ok; mocharse = to share' rajar = go back on one's word. Well, that's it for now!


Posted on 3/19/2009 by

Charles Mostoller

Charles Mostoller

here's more: changarro = a business chamba = work chaparro = short

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