Kidhar parega – Indian GPS

Valerie Hohman
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“Bhaiya, kidhar parega.” I’ve heard rickshaw-wallas say this so often it is now second nature to me. Literally, it translates as, “Brother, where is (your destination), I have to.” It’s a colloquial use of “parega,” a term for compulsion -- hence the “I have to” tacked on the end. Despite a sequential house-numbering system in Delhi, rest assured that the first time you take a rickshaw to a new destination you will spend 20 minutes minimum trying to figure out where you’re going. Your driver will stick his head out of the vehicle and holler “Bhaiya, kidhar parega” to the closest passerby to appeal for directions. With this phrase at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to assist in the process and minimize everyone’s frustration.


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