"Please, I'm coming."

Laura Schwecherl
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In Ghana, a phrase that I became accustomed to hearing everyday was "Please, I'm coming." In Western terms, this could be translated to how we would say "I'll be right back." In one specific occasion, a friend and I were waiting in an overloaded tro-tro (a small van) to make a two hour trek to a large town. Along the way, our tro-tro driver took us on a small detour to a site where a dam was being built; former President Kufuor was planning on making a speech at this location. When we arrived at the site, our driver turned to us and said, "Please, I'm coming," and then disappeared. Only in Ghana does someone say they are coming, and then walk away in the other direction! Needless to say, he did return (three hours later).


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