Wrist-twirling dances or cheap beer

Gabriel Shaya
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In Luang Prabang, your nightlife options are somewhat limited, with two main nightclubs in town. Dao Fa is more popular for the younger crowd, and plays western and Thai pop. They recently remodeled the place (or rather, scrapped the old location and opened a new building directly behind) and now it looks like an art deco Christmas present inside. Muang Swa has a live band for much of the night, playing traditional Lao songs, and people dance in the traditional style (this includes an incredibly complicated version of Lao line dancing--forget the electric slide). If smoke and bizarre wrist-twirling dancing aren't your thing, head to one of the dozens of local Lao beer shops where you can drink a 640ml (22 oz.) BeerLao for less than $1.


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