Mosh with the Maasai

Cara Giaimo
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Photo for Mosh with the Maasai

One of my professors once described the traditional Maasai warrior lifestyle in this way: "They walk all day to get to a party, and dance and sing all night, and then walk home the next day." Put simply, then, Maasai warriors are rock stars. This made much more sense to me when I found myself at a Maasai circumcision ceremony in the center of what I have to deem a mosh pit - no other term would do it justice. I'd been dragged in by a mama (Maasai woman) who had taken a liking to, and ahold of, my walking stick, but as I was engulfed by people, I got sunk into the rhythm and the cadences of the music, which is entirely unaccompied, and the dance, which is focused around jumping. I forgot about my walking stick. Get pulled in if you can.


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