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I'll meet you between Russia and China for disco

Lindsay Myron
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In Mongolia, street names are obsolete. In fact there are no street addresses and the mailing system in UB runs entirely through P.O. Boxes. To get around, Mongolians give directions by proximity: next to the British Embassy, across from Sukhbataar Square, or near the Ulaanbataar Hotel. So if you’re in the city and decide to grab a taxi to the Red Falcon Disco Bar you’ll need to know enough Mongolian to name a landmark near your intended dance hall, or else you’ll be dancing out directions to your driver. If you want to get around like a local, learn the city’s landmarks and try to keep the charades to a minimum.


Posted on 10/10/2009 by

Munkhsaikhan Bayar

Munkhsaikhan Bayar

aaah UB is maybe youngest city in the world though, also UB is very little city ppl don't have to know those street codes or names because there was just about 100 more buildings in UB that's why ppl know their names very well. also In between Russia and China is the world's 19th biggest landscaped country named Mongolia!!! cheers

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