Getting Around

You'll be nostalgic for New York cabbies

Adam Lichtenheld
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Jordanian cabbies are a far throw from the Egyptians who used to demand I reach out of the car window at 70 km/hr to borrow a lighter from a passing Fiat, but they’ll still add some entertainment to your daily commute. I once had one who seemed less irritated by the fact that we almost collided with a rusting Toyota and more annoyed at the idea of having to light a second cigarette, and he made sure everyone knew it by leaning on the horn for a solid three and a half minutes. Metered cabs are the only real way to get around Amman; fortunately, they’re pretty cheap. It’s important to note, however, that street names in the city are either non-existent or unknown—so expect to direct and be directed via landmarks and traffic circles.


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