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Buses are the best!

Emily Strasser
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If you’re going to be traveling in the mountains of Northern India, you’ve got to resign yourself to lots of buses on curvy mountain roads. Despite the extreme discomfort of spending 20+ hours on the same kind of bus that makes local stops, Indian buses can be fun. People are very kind and will look out for you, especially if you are traveling alone. Unlike the American mentality that we have to get there as soon as possible, Indian bus drivers do not seem to be in any particular hurry to reach their destination. Buses make frequent stops for food, tea, and toilet, though be warned that most places will only have “open toilet,” which is, you guessed it, the side of the road. I recommend that women wear long skirts or kurtas.


Posted on 7/12/2009 by

Danielle Laberge

I had a similar experience in Madagascar. Bus rides take days on incredibly bumpy, winding pothole-filled roads, over bridges with rust and holes looking through to heights that would make you dizzy and vertiginous were you not clutching your knees to your stomach and saying fervent prayers. Deathtraps, some would say. A rollercoaster that goes on for hours instead of minutes, is how I prefer to think of it. Once resigned to the fact that my life was not in my own hands, I came to love the nonlinear approach to travel, and even peeing on the side of the road! I liked that I wasn't in a charter bus with lots of rich tourists. This is the way to travel if you really want to experience meeting people and interacting with local culture. There was even a chicken under my seat once!

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