How to make pap

Mallory Primm
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The staple food in Swaziland, and most of southern Africa, is pap. Called papa, ugali, and nshima in various neighboring countries, this stiff porridge is made thusly: First, corn is left to dry on the stalk and husked only after the husks have yellowed. Second, the kernels are plucked from the cob and left to dry out either on the side of the road or on tin rooftops until they are rock hard. Third, the kernels are ground, either mechanically or with pistol and mortar until there is practically no nutritional value left in the resulting fine powder. Then the powder is mixed with almost boiling water and beaten tirelessly with a wooden spoon until pap is formed. Pap looks like mashed potatoes and is eaten at every meal with your fingers.


Posted on 2/20/2010 by

David Broska

David Broska

I sort of don't believe that grinding maize into flour, at least by itself, really results in there being "practically no nutritional value left". What nutrient is being destroyed by the grinding?

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