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Fest Noz: How to get your Breton groove on

Lola Pak
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Just like the square dances of the southern U.S., Bretons of France's Brittany region have their own 1-2-step for getting down on the dance floor. Fest Noz is a traditional Celtic festival held in various parts of Brittany throughout the year. It stems from Brittany's former Celtic roots and the festivals are a time of getting in touch with them by drinking cider, dancing, and noshing on galettes and far Breton, a type of sweet bread. It's OK if you don't know the steps. Just don't forget to: 1) keep a serious facial expression. It's just what they do 2) link pinkies, not hands, 3) dance between two people who look like they know what they're doing. Afterward, congratulate yourself with cider and Breton trinkets. Now, kit! (Let's go!)


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