Try a tailor on for size

Rebecca Jacobson
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If you arrive in Malawi and find yourself despairing at your wardrobe, fear not. Either hit up the market (‘80s-era tees any Goodwill-prowling hipster would love) or set off for the tailor. You supply the cloth — Tanzanian textiles are nicer than Malawian fabrics and run $2 or $3 per yard — and the tailor will do the rest. Choose from a set design or supply your own (my friends have had great success with hand-drawn sketches) and the tailor will take your measurements on the spot. Cut a hard bargain and you can get a full outfit made for $10 or less. Now the tough decision: what to order? A boldly patterned tube top? Or perhaps a full suit emblazoned with Obama’s face? (Oh yes, even his visage graces fabrics here.) Anything is possible.


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