Scarves and shawls galore!

Emily Strasser
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Photo for Scarves and shawls galore!

Indian and Tibetan standards of dress are more modest than American standards. Avoid tight pants, shorts, and short skirts. A shawl or scarf is an indispensable fashion accessory—you can tie it around your waist or throw over your shoulders if you're cold or feel you are dressed too revealingly. Also use it to cover your head when you go into Sikh temples or Muslim mosques. Indian women are queens of gracefully draped scarves, and Tibetans (both men and women) use wonderful wool shawls that double as blankets. If you are spending a lot of time with monks and nuns, you will find yourself envying their warm red shawls. Don’t worry about packing one—you can find an endless range of pretty, useful, and affordable shawls in India.


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