FabIndia—Pack Light, Shop Hard, Wear Indian Clothes

Rohan Radhakrishna
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Wearing Indian clothes is fun, practical, and respectful so when packing, bring few clothes. Wherever you arrive, head straight to FabIndia to stock up on Iocal threads. Fit in and draw less negative attention vs. wearing shorts and a tank top, which many consider disrespectful prohibiting you from entering some religious sites. For $10 dollars, buy comfy quick-drying cotton with local dyes and patterns. A thin longsleeved kurta or salwar (Indian tunic) protects forearms from the blistering sun. With 100+ stores, FabIndia is a one-stop-shop for head-to-toe casual and formal wear. Sizes and styles are well organized and labeled saving time and hassle. Indian clothes are so comfortable and stylish, you’ll want to wear them when you go home.


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