It's okay to carry cigarettes

Jeremy Hach
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In China and several other countries, cigarettes are not demonized like they are in the United States. Even if you don't smoke, it's a fairly good idea to carry a pack with you. You may think this is weird, but trust me, you will meet a lot of people and many of them will smoke. They will also offer you cigarettes; it's only polite to offer them one back. Don't worry, you don't need to smoke it, just hold onto it. Think of it like currency, or better yet a peace offering. Oh, and another thing: Don't just give 'em the cheapest ones either, spring for the $5 pack. If you are looking to close a deal, find a destination, or just make friends, carrying a pack may be the ticket.


Posted on 4/13/2009 by

Colin Jones

Colin Jones

Right on the money here. I don't smoke but forced myself to learn to be able to get through a few cigs because it helps break the ice here and as someone who takes a lot of photos in places foreigners generally don't go, big help with the locals.

Posted on 5/05/2009 by

Steven Schwab

Steven Schwab

I agree too. A fair quality cigarette is all it takes to make a handyman happy, get a taxi driver to forget your tones are imperfect, or remind the security guard to keep a good eye on your bike.

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