"Paris to the Moon" by Adam Gopnik

Ali Goldstein
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In the months before leaving to study in France, I read travelogues voraciously. Almost all of them terrified me, speaking of French rudeness, struggles with the language, and impossible bureaucracy. Returning home, I happened upon Adam Gopnik's, "Paris to the Moon." I wish that I'd discovered this book before going abroad. A collection of his New Yorker columns about living in Paris for three years with his wife and son, his cross-cultural explorations are honest, interesting, and specific. I read through it in one greedy sitting, even drawing exclamation points in the passages I related to.


Posted on 4/05/2009 by

Jessie Voigts

Jessie Voigts

I love this book, too - it is very important for intercultural understanding of the many things that make France unique.

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