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I'm not sure of the rules in the United States; however we Brits have quirky rules when it comes to photography. Anyone can take a picture of anything they want to in a public place, and this includes anyone. Just don't don't harass someone if you want to take his or her picture. Also keep in mind that photography in Trafalgar is strictly prohibited. If you break out the tripods and DSLR's you can expect a hefty fine. Still, no police officer can force you to delete a picture without a warrant.


Posted on 7/26/2009 by

Ray Girvan

"Also keep in mind that photography in Trafalgar is strictly prohibited" Not exactly. Commercial photography in Trafalgar Square - "filming, photo-shoots or photo-calls" - requires payment of a hefty fee (£500 per hour), and they would get suspicious of it being commercial if you set up heavyweight equipment. But nobody will stop you taking the odd holiday snap.

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