Being an American

Prepare to be compared to O.C. characters

Ali Goldstein
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"Were you a prom queen?" was the first question my host sister asked me when I spent the semester studying in northern France. All I could do was laugh. I'd expected Anti-Americanism, but I hadn't realized that the stereotypes I'd really be fighting off were those projected by American pop culture. Many of my French friends had only encountered American youth culture through their favorite television programs. When they learned I was American, they expected me to be a mix of Blair from "Gossip Girl" and the lead female characters of the O.C., or "Newport Beach" as it is called in France. "No," I explained to my host sister, thinking of a culturally resonant comparison. "I was more like Rory from 'The Gilmore Girls.'"


Posted on 7/21/2009 by

Amelia D

Amelia D

I know what you mean. While studying abroad in France I got asked if my life was like Sex & the City. The thought of me relating to 40-year-old over-sexed professionals in New York City was quite hilarious.

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