TOP 5: Green Initiatives Abroad

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In the United States, we like to think of ourselves as innovators. But when it comes to tackling environmental problems, the fact is, we often lag behind other countries. Here are five especially innovative green initiatives that the United States can learn from—but only if we are willing to admit that the grass is sometimes greener on the other side of the border.
Photo by Hope Stockman.


Posted on 4/23/2009 by

Ryan Chirnomas

Ryan Chirnomas

Thanks for choosing one of my photos (the chopsticks photo)! If anybody reading this is interested in buying a print of it, please go <a href=""> here.</a> <br> Or, if anybody is interested in viewing more of my photography, please go <a href="">here.</a>

Posted on 7/08/2009 by

Heather Heinz

Heather Heinz

In Japanese, this trend is known as "mottainai": don't waste! People call their personal chopsticks "mai hashi", using the English word "my" and the Japanese word for chopsticks, "hashi". Similarly, bringing your own cloth bag to a grocery store is known as "my baggu": my bag.

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