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Trying And Failing To Connect On A Ugandan Road Trip

As I pulled onto Kampala Road, that madhouse stretch of tarmac that connects Gulu and Uganda’s capital, I shifted into fourth—my bike’s highest gear—and pulled hard ... read more

Andrew Morgan


Coming Of Age In My Indian Family

Even before I became a part of his family, I often thought of my Hindi teacher, Virendra-ji, as my grandfather, simply because the two reminded me so much of each ... read more

Janna White


Ethical Dilemma: Visiting A Maasai Manyatta

For the second time in our lives, my classmates and I ducked into a Maasai family’s home. Our host, a relatively young man, was already inside. As we dropped ... read more

Cara Giaimo


From Egypt To Israel And Back Again

I’m standing on the Israeli side of the border between Egypt and Israel at Taba, and I’m sweating. I’m on my way to The Jerusalem Conference, a ... read more

Ian Bassingthwaighte


Slideshow: Kazakh Culture In Mongolia

A hunter and his eagle scan the horizon. Kazakhs use eagles, who can spot an animal from several kilometers away ... read more

Andrew Cullen


Ethical Dilemma: Giving More Than We Thought We Gave

A slow, thick summer breeze carried grimy city humidity down New York’s Fifth Avenue. As a river of lunchtime crowds coursed around us, I stood with a chatty girl ... read more

Andrew Morgan


SLIDESHOW: Mingling In Mongolia

Cameras are rather scarce in the Mongolian countryside, so when my host family in the Darkhad Valley in Khuvsgul Province ... read more

Lindsay Myron


Sometimes You Have To Shout

A cigarette withered between the old man’s fingertips. Clad in a knit sweater and khakis, he had seemed harmless when we entered the cafe. Now, he stared bemusedly at ... read more

danielle hayes


Becoming The Oldest Daughter

From the distance Munkh and Gerlee’s home was but a speck in the seemingly endless Delgerkhaan horizon. About to ... read more

Lindsay Myron


SLIDESHOW: Orange And Other Colors Of Laos

Children sit along the morning almsgiving route to receive handouts from monks. The monks who walk these roads every morning ... read more

Gabriel Shaya

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