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A writer, editor and incurable traveler currently based in Oaxaca, Mexico. read more

I am a South Asian American that grew up in a traditional Jain family in Texas but found myself traveling and working in random and ... read more

Josh MacIvor-Andersen

read more

In the spring of my junior year at Vassar College, I served as a correspondent for Glimpse while studying Tibetan Language, culture, and philosophy in ... read more

Saleem Reshamwala

I once threw a rock at the devil in Mecca and missed. It wasn't my fault. I was bumped from behind. The rock was supposed ... read more

I am an environmental geography professor who enjoys taking and sending students abroad and hosting in-coming students from all over the world. In recent years, ... read more

Sooner or later, I'll think of something clever to write. read more

My wife and I decided we'd had enough three week long trips and finally ditched it all in Feb 08 and have been traveling ever ... read more

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