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My name is JJ, or, if you are a student at Jungrang Elementary School in Seoul, James Teacher. I quit a successful job as an ... read more

I have studied abroad in Japan, Okinawa and Korea. I love traveling and wish to work on assignment for National Geographic as a photographer. read more

I have been living in Korea for nearly two years. It's a great country and I have been treated so well here. I first came ... read more

I am your average American nerd turned Indiana jones. I graduated with a degree in antrhopology and after a disappointing couple of years in retail ... read more

I like to bridge gaps, so I travel, and teach. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, experimenting with quiches, and honing ... read more

¨Don´t ask me what you can do to change the world--ask yourself what makes you feel alive because the world needs more people who feel ... read more

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