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Amy Waterman is an online dating & relationships expert with the 000 Relationships Network. She's traveled far from her childhood on the coast of Oregon. ... read more

Currently in South America and chasing the southern horizon on two sometimes trusty bicycle wheels. I began the trip in Alaska and imagine that someday ... read more

Molly Beer studied abroad with the School for International Training's Tibetan Studies Program before moving to El Salvador to teach literature in a bilingual school. ... read more

I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain and knew that I wanted more. After volunteering in Uruguay during my last spring break, I wanted to continue ... read more

I am a passionate international human rights and environmental justice activist, peace-maker, artist and athlete. Also a student on the side, I am graduating from ... read more

I've moved 13 times and lived on 5 continents in the last 7 years, and I just can't stop exploring! Every time I think I ... read more

I'm a Cal student pretending to be a UMN Golden Gopher for the 08-09 academic year here in Ecuador. Last semester I spent 6 weeks ... read more

reading Generation X by Douglas Coupland. read more

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