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I haven't thought of anything clever to write here yet -- will update when I do. read more

I'm currently a Emerging Markets Development Advisor Fellow in Jordan. I've lived, worked, studied and traveled to more than 30 countries. My first time overseas ... read more

wandering knitter determined to save the worlds' children, one smile and hug at a time. read more

Things that make me happy: laughing with friends for hours on end. creating things that other people enjoy. surfing from sunrise--when the cold crisp water ... read more

love to travel read more

As of 2/12/09... I'm a 23-year-old writer with only one blank page left in my passport and I'm constantly looking for new adventures to fill ... read more

I've moved 13 times and lived on 5 continents in the last 7 years, and I just can't stop exploring! Every time I think I ... read more

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