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The early bird...?

November 12, 2009 @ 7:17 PM | Permalink

So, I like being early. Turning things in early, starting processes early, getting up early in the morning. I like to think it's one of my better qualities. And so I've started my blog early. Two months early to be precise. Now my reasoning is this: I am technically already abroad! The US is not my home country, even though it's where I am presently living, Norway is. So I figured I might as well get a head start, like I always do, and start my blog.

I find the US very cunfusing and calming at the same time. There are so many cultures mixed into one that looking at it too cloesely is like staring at a painting from too close. You need to step back in order to see what it's trying to tell you.

I might try to take that step in the time before I go to Wales.

Be nice.


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