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The Six Thousand Shilling Ungulate Pyramid

Five friends and I were on vacation, in (on?) Lamu, that shiny Kenyan coastal island. And what does one do ... read more

01 Aug 2010


Too-Clean Data

It had started pouring at an inopportune time, and the mud was hindering our progress. My classmates and I were ... read more

01 Aug 2010


The Many Uses of a Maasai Meleleki, pt. 1

I don't even remember why I wanted a walking stick. The first time I went into town in Kimana, I ... read more

01 Aug 2010


The Lion King Problem

In the weeks before I left for Kenya, I had very little to do besides attempt to prepare myself to ... read more

27 Jul 2010


Bus Diary - Jinja, Uganda to Nairobi, Kenya; 5/10/10

9:05 AM: My companions and I have been waiting for the Akamba bus for an hour or so in Jinja, ... read more

31 May 2010


The Rainy Season

There are two rainy seasons in Kenya - the long rains go from about March to May, give or take ... read more

21 May 2010

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