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Mo' Fire

December 1, 2009 @ 11:11 AM | Permalink

August 18, 2009 Mo’ Fire Filed under: Uncategorized — unaleona @ 4:20 pm Edit This So the last post only talked about the work part of Swaziland. But the real reason I was super excited to go was that I was going to get to stay for the Bushfire Music Festival over the weekend. This is the third year the festival has been held, and everyone said it seemed to be getting better every year. A whole crew of USAID people descended from Pretoria, Lesotho and Mozambique, so I got to meet a lot of people. The festival began on Friday with music inside the year round venue (appropriately named House on Fire). It was a great vibe, a fun dance floor, and I even really liked one of the bands. When Akon came on singing “I want to make love right now now now” I kind of freaked out…someone that song being part of the globalizing force of American pop culture seemed particularly disturbing. Evidently right after I left the Djs began a Michael Jackson tribute medly, no surprise there. The rest of the festival was outdoors, with acts on two stages all day, food stalls selling boervors (farmers sausage which I will never pronounce properly) and fun times hanging out with everyone on a blanket in the sun. It was warmer in Swaziland than winter in South Africa. That weekend it hailed in Pretoria, and all the South Africans kept reporting to me that it had snowed. And they insist on calling this winter? The festival got the most fun that night when it started to rain. And by rain, I don’t mean drizzle. I mean downpour. I got a little wet when it first started but decided to go back outside with the guy who I am currently house sitting for (thank goodness we met in the rain at Bushfire, or else I’d probably be homeless). A great rapper was performing and the crowd had thinned out. It was only diehard fans, mostly Swazis. The expats and white South Africans seemed to be generally hiding inside trying to stay dry. The crowd was incredibly into it, and everyone was jumping and dancing and yelling and wet. When he finished and we went back inside, I felt like I had just gotten out of the shower. I looked around the room at the crowd dancing and realized it was the first integrated bar or club I’d seen since I arrived in South Africa. Then I remembered I was in a different country. P.S. Best condom award goes to:


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