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La Boda, or: one can never use enough good toothpicks

Our first invitation to a traditional Mexican wedding was an ornate work of unforgettable kitsch. I held it up to ... read more

25 Apr 2008

A Brief Account of My Scientific Experiments in Mexico

Hypothesis #1: The ants crawling across our floor and stealing our food are the kind that deliver an agonizing bite ... read more

24 Apr 2008

Blindfolds and Blossoms

Many of us from the sprawling metropolises of North America have certain impressions of what it is to be in ... read more

18 Apr 2008


Kathryn and I have recently felt more comfortable in the liturgical services of mainline traditions. We like the stand up, ... read more

13 Apr 2008


 My forehead spends most of the day bobbing along just shy of six feet, a location that back home is ... read more

10 Apr 2008

Jumping Canyons and a Word or Two on Heaven

Kat and I came here without an apartment, without any leads, collectively blind. We had a glossy map of the ... read more

03 Apr 2008

Falling Out of Focus

    My Spanish professor (poet, economist, suspendered) is zooming in and focusing his gaze on the center of my forehead, ... read more

30 Mar 2008

The Machine Crushed My Stars Into Puddles

    I took a field trip to a local museum with my fellow students. We were a comical bunch, walking ... read more

27 Mar 2008


I just wrote my first poem in Spanish. I wrote it because two out of two of my professors have ... read more

26 Mar 2008


Oaxaca has become the staging ground for the next three or four years of our lives. It is here that ... read more

26 Mar 2008


My wife and I are in a small village outside Oaxaca, a place where our guidebook fizzles at every turn, ... read more

23 Mar 2008

Yo Soy Estudiante, Yo Soy Maestro

Travelers and study abroad students seem to slip all too easily into one of two categories, projecting onto our temporary ... read more

19 Mar 2008


I’m headed east out of Oaxaca to a town my guide book refers to as “unremarkable.” But who can say ... read more

16 Mar 2008

No, Gracias: or how I almost went to jail for refusing toilet paper

[written shortly after arriving in Mexico City] MY WIFE tells me to have a sense of humor about language-learning. “Lighten ... read more

13 Mar 2008

Fire in the Blood

I do my Spanish homework at the Cafe Del Teatro because they have comfy chairs and free peanuts. The peanuts ... read more

10 Mar 2008

Combustible Oaxaca

Hover over this place and you’ll see a grid of streets strikingly similar to the Pac Man game I used ... read more

04 Mar 2008

Motorcycle Diaries

I’ve decided to do all of my writing this semester to the soundtrack of Motorcycle Diaries. It’s the most romantic ... read more

29 Feb 2008

Digging for Plastic

    I subscribe to the philosophy of Pico Iyer, who says that for the traveler, “everything is interesting if you ... read more

23 Feb 2008

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