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For this Fourth of July, why not take a dip in Nile? (2 Comments)

The contrast of my Fourth of July experiences this year and last year are striking; last year I waded through ... read more

06 Jul 2009


Mt. Sinai, Mountain of Moses

Mt. Sinai, located on the southern end of the Sinai peninsula, is an important feature in all three main monotheistic ... read more

30 Jun 2009


Dahab is Arabic for Gold

Sitting in the small, hippie beach town of Dahab, it's hard to imagine Sinai as anything but a glorious retreat ... read more

30 Jun 2009


Luxor & Egyptian Hospitality

The semester is over but I don't think I'm ready to leave Egypt; I've decided to stay for the summer. ... read more

30 Jun 2009


Surprise visitor to to the Egyptian capital

 Exciting news... Obama is coming to Cairo this week!    I'm planning on attending his speech, although I'm not sure ... read more

31 May 2009


Coffee that doesn't come in tall, grande, or venti...

 I think it's fitting that as I'm writing this I'm sitting in a cafe in Luxor sipping on qahwa (Turkish ... read more

31 May 2009


A Chameleon in Cairo? Trying...

"Welcome to Egypt! What's your name?" is something I've become accustomed to hearing on a daily basis. This greeting can ... read more

12 May 2009


A Tale of Two Cities

As I noted in my last post, my time abroad so far has been spent in a relatively 'un-African', African ... read more

21 Apr 2009


Out of Africa

 I've been living and studying in Africa for 10 weeks; oddly enough, I only came to this realization a few ... read more

06 Apr 2009


Off to Alexandria!

I finally got out of Cairo, getting some Mediterranean breezes in Alexandria. It was really a breath of fresh air ... read more

25 Mar 2009


Cairo is as crazy as ever...

Okay, maybe not that crazy. I think it'll be hard to out-do my most recent post. I've been doing a ... read more

15 Mar 2009


Bombing in the Egyptian capital

Cairo was in the news on Sunday. For those who didn't hear, a bomb blast killed a French tourist and ... read more

25 Feb 2009


Flying rat... It's What's for Lunch! (2 Comments)

What comes to mind when you think of a pigeon? Perhaps the dirty, disease-ridden "flying-rats" that overpopulate New York city? ... read more

15 Feb 2009


First Impressions - The good and the bad

This city is alive. Sitting in my apartment in downtown Cairo, I’m situated right on one of the city’s main ... read more

08 Feb 2009

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Are the pigeons you eat specially raised, or just your urban-garden-variety birds that were unlucky enough to be caught?

Saleem Reshamwala on Flying rat... It's What's for Lunch! 2009-02-19

Despite my joking, yes, the pigeons are specially raised, although I'm not sure of the details of where and how they are raised.

Max Nepstad on Flying rat... It's What's for Lunch! 2009-02-26

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