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Win a Vacuum Cleaner!

April 9, 2009 @ 7:33 AM | Permalink
The Swiss love vacuum cleaners. Whenever there’s a competition, the prize always seems to be a vacuum cleaner. You have to give these contest-makers credit. They really know what gets people excited in Switzerland.
In this week’s Tages Anzeiger newspaper, for example, three lucky people will win a Siemens VS07G180CH Vacuum Cleaner worth 279 Francs by sending in their correct Sudoku puzzle.
Unfortunately, I will not be one of them.
Call me crazy, but I just can’t seem to get excited about the chance of winning a new vacuum cleaner enough to make me waste a half hour doing a puzzle, even though my American vacuuming skills (or the amount of dirt in my apartment) were enough to break the first Swiss-made vacuum I purchased here.
After disposing of this poor melted vacuum cleaner, I went about living vacuumless for months before I broke down and bought a new vacuum after I found out my Swiss neighbor was coming over with her pressure washer because she found the state of my balcony unbearable. If she thought a little moss was bad, I couldn’t let her see the dust in my apartment, so for my second vacuum purchase in Switzerland in less than two years, I bought a good old American Hoover which I figured would be more understanding of the amount of dirt I needed it to deal with.
So even though this whole vacuum cleaner prize should entice me with the way I seem to bust up my vacuums, it doesn’t. After all, as an American, I’m used to getting my kicks from individual improvement opportunities—like an at-home sit-up machine that tones the body in two minutes or less. Yes. If any prize would do it for an American like me, I think this would be it.


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