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Let's Start at the Beginning- Europe

November 8, 2010 @ 10:10 AM | Permalink

 I figure that the most important thing you do in life is to experience it and a big part of that is travel.  Europe was my first trip abroad, and it gave me an excitement for learning about the world that I would have never gained from books, and I hate studying anyway.  
When I was ten, my mother booked my brother and I, and herself on a trip to Europe.  It was something crazy like ten countries in ten days.  My only real memories come from pictures.  We climbed the Swiss Alps in a cable car and bought Toblerone chocolate by the bucketfulls.  I do remember distinctly the glow worms in the caverns near the Lion of Lucerne (are they still there?) In France I was infatuated with one of the older boys on the trip (he had to be 16 and I was only 10).  My mother wouldn't let me go out that night when all teens went to see the Eiffel Tower by themselves.  In London we saw the changing of the guards, and like everyone else, we made faces at them trying to get them to smile.  The entire trip went off seamlessly thanks to the great people as EF Tours.  We stayed in beautiful hotels all over Europe, I can only wish that I was older so that I could remember everything.  Even so, that ten day trip changed my life, I would never again be satisfied with staying in one place forever.


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