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That's right everyone, I am still in Shanghai

October 28, 2010 @ 10:14 AM | Permalink

 I read a very interesting blog today topping up which reminded me as to what I do, and why I decided to come back to China to do it. The "American dream" is fast becoming the "China dream" and people are looking to make their millions, form their careers and live the high life in this "land of opportunity." I stood in the Pearl Tower yesterday and looked over the great expanse of city and all I could see was money. Money everywhere, in the buildings, in the lights, on the river, and walking money surrounding me. Someone recently said to me, imagine if you could just get 1% of the China market to buy your product, 1%. You would've hit the big time. It would like be trying to get 25% of the market share in South Africa. 1%. Then in Shanghai, you have this fluid, surreal expat world being created, where people are flush and care-free. However, they are also well-traveled and open-minded. A new society is being formed, of culturally aware piggy banks just waiting to be shook ever so slightly by the next social movement...


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Nici BL

Nici BL

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