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Pijo and Pinatas

November 22, 2010 @ 10:05 AM | Permalink

The antics begin with a fiery glass cup attached to my heel during a lovely afternoon foot massage. We left relaxed, and centred, our chi circulating through our bodies much like the shooters that were going to be consumed later.

A quick change. I need an outfit that can last the evening, suitable for all points of call. Jeans. Black top. Jacket. Boots. And hat in the bag for the hat party later. I arrive at the meeting spot a bit early. I quickly draw money and browse the DVD store. I then see a couple walk into the restaurant I was waiting for my friend at. Could that be the friends he said were coming along? Yes indeed. I find them all inside, and then we move to a greek restaurant for some fine fish, some good mexican pijo (beer) and white wine. 2 hours, 2 glasses, lots of laughter...time to move.I say my farewells, catch a cab, put on the hat party. I arrive at the complex, and there are plenty of people milling in. There are also plenty of people lingering outside. I hear them asking the guards for building 6 (in Chinese I'll have you know-i'm that good-actually 6 is the same as Lion in Afrikaans so I always remember it :)) We must be headed to the same party. Past the lingerers, into the lift. "11th floor?" "No, 6th." "There's a party on the 6th? We have a party on the 11th" "Well you guys should come to the party on the 6th - seems like it'll be pretty good," I say. Yes, the white wine was having its effect and my inhibitions were not circulating like my chi. Enter the house party. I immediately get given a drink. The party was a house warming of a chinese real estate agent that had tried to find me an apartment. I had met him maybe 5 times before, and yes, I had no idea what to expect. I got nothing I could have ever guessed. Diversity - I met a french girl, a spanish guy, a Hong Kong marketer, a Chinese journalist, an american DJ, and a few others, within 10 minutes. I then went into a room and had a professional photo taken...all in between drinking wine, of course. I then ended up with a blind fold on, swinging wildly at a pinata, which I was soon placed directly in front of by my nice host with a whisper (it's right in front of you) - whack! But it did not break. I then said my stop. Irish pub to watch some South African rugby. We won't discuss it in detail. Usual SA crowd, newish SA crowd, very new SA crowd, all quite disappointed, until the rugby was soon forgotten. Banter Banter Banter. We leave...Australian pub for the next game of rugby. Banter banter banter. Next stop...a late night club. The DJ is South African. The guests leave, save our new yet old crowd, save the DJ who is now playing Afrikaans music in an extremely commercial club, and save his irate girlfriend. There are talks of money, politics, unachievable dares, and kidneys circulating - circulating like, you guessed it, my chi...which is apparently generated in your...kidneys. Coincidence?

I am convinced my double dose of chi helped me to combat my single dose of Shanghai.


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