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The Chinese Massage

July 25, 2010 @ 3:25 AM | Permalink

It is an absolute must to get a massage in China. It is cheap, it is good, and it's available on basically any street corner.

Last night I found a nice place whislt walking. It took up 4 stories and was decorated with oranges and reds, with similarly coloured carpets and dark wooden furniture all about. It was filled with exceptionally helpful, eager to please staff. I had been moving apartments all day so i opten for the 1 hour foot massage and 1 hour body massage combination. I did marvel at the fact that you have to walk up 4 stories to get a relaxing massage, but I do not even remember walking down them again so clearly they do effect your experience that much. I was shown to a dimly lit room, which had a flat screen tv for my Chinese TV viewing pleasure. I opted to have it off. I was given tea and watermelon and my feet were soaked and then pampered. After that, the chair then folded out into a bed and I received the body massage.

Now, you know you have a good masseur when: 1) your nose runs, 2) he finds a knot in a place where you did not even know you had a muscle, and 3) you leave in a state of dreamy haze.

Number 15 - your masseurs in China go by number over name - was great.

I did wonder once or twice if masseurs were like men and wanted to know when they were getting things right, so I gave him a 'hen hao' (which means 'very good' or 'great') just so he knew he had done well.

I left, in a haze, made my way home, and slept like the dead.


Posted on 7/27/2010 by

Schon Scheepers

Schon Scheepers

Red China??? :)

Posted on 7/27/2010 by

Shelley Bragg

Shelley Bragg

:-) Did you read the others?

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