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Traffic lights and translations

July 20, 2010 @ 9:05 PM | Permalink

I am baffled by the traffic light ('robot' for my South African readers) system in China. I was taking a stroll down the busy streets, and when I reached the roadside I saw the little red man on the traffic light, so I stopped. I waited patiently and then when I saw the little green man, off I went again. Well, contrary to what you might think, the little green man does NOT mean that traffic is stopping to let you cross. Traffic is now in fact simply aiming directly for you! You have to dash in between these cars to escape with your life. It has, I suspect, stopped one line of traffic, but when you’re in Shanghai, there are still another 4 that you need to contend with! I am convinced this system was devised to combat overpopulation...well I outsmarted them, as apparently have millions of others.

Then we have the translations, my favourites for the week were on a T-shirt:

“Love is…39 year old legs beating 19 year old legs down the court.”

Gosh, I’ve had it so wrong all this time. Or: “Love is…having 6 daily reminders.”

Wow, my boss really does love me!

Shanghai - from inspiring to perspiring in one easy step.


Posted on 7/21/2010 by

pamela cronje

pamela cronje


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