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Safari Weekend

July 16, 2010 @ 1:47 AM | Permalink

 So this past weekend I went on a safari at Tsavo East National Park with eight other FSD interns. It was all great except that one of the girls, Victoria, fell sick with malaria on Saturday night. I have to take malaria pills everyday to try to prevent contracting it but even so it’s pretty much a crapshoot as to whether or not I’ll get it. Victoria hadn’t missed a single day of her pills and she still got it. Treatment involves getting injected six times in the butt with acid so cross your fingers for me that I don’t get it. On the bright side, we got to see lions, hippos, giraffes, zebras, about 7 different kinds of antelope whose names I don’t remember, tons of cool birds and literally over 100 elephants. I was a little bummed not to see a cheetah but they’re really rare and I should probably shut up and stop complaining. I took over 1,000 photos and a few videos, most of which will be on Facebook in September but for now here’s a taste of what I saw.

Emily King is right, zebras really are ridiculous looking creatures. These guys just stared at us as we drove by.

I learned the weekend that giraffe’s have some of the biggest and strongest hearts in the world in order to be able to push blood all the way up their necks. Search youtube “giraffe heart dissection” if you want to know just how big.

I forget what this bird is called. I think it’s the Kenyan version of a toucan.

Male gazelles fight for the role of “king of the heard”. They get one chance. Those that lose all hang out together and watch the winner hang out with his lady friends, sometimes up to 50 of them. This guy is one of the losers.


Apparently elephants drink 100-300 liters of water a day. That doesn’t really look like enough to share.

I dedicate this on to Laura.

And this one too. I have a video of the baby gazelle nursing which I’ll show you when I get back.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox. This guy was probably my favorite.

So Tsavo is pretty much beautiful, if you’re into that whole Savannah thing. Oddly it reminded me of this…

And last but not least…

Thank God for zoom. This guy was actually not that close. Between 9 of us, none of us thought to bring binoculars but fortunately a few of us had decent cameras with which we could get a pretty decent view.

I probably just spend 1,000Ksh worth of bandwidth uploading those photos so I hope you enjoyed them.


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