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London- Blog 3

September 26, 2010 @ 3:32 PM | Permalink


The few days that I spent in London left in a blur. It was a very exciting time in England's history since it is the first time since John Paul II died that the pope has visited. There was turmoil, a discovered assassination plot, protestors, supporters, and lots of helicopters. I saw one sign that read “Pope Benedict Ordain Women Now” and others in support of gay rights. Interestingly enough on the tube, a local who had been in attendance at the Pope's night vigil said that there weren't many protestors. This is a great example of how perceptions differ based on one's background/environment. For me, there were a lot of protestors due to the fact that I lived in a town that has only 701 people for 18 years. This young girl had lived in London for her whole life. It's a very different place than Bloomington, Wisconsin. Religion is a huge part of worldview. Since the United States and the United Kingdom are both primarily made up of Christians, they both share a very similar worldview and sense of reality. The Christian faith and its history was very evident in London with all of the churches, relics that are in museums, and by the way that people talked. Christianity has helped instill in many a worldview of being individualism. If I traveled to say, Hong Kong, I would have to be more sensitive about their collective nature which is instilled by Confucianism and Hinduism. The Generator Hostel was where I noticed the most intercultural communication. Many who were staying there were from different parts of the world thus many different languages were being spoken. It was a very fun time. I was also lucky enough to go on a free guided tour. The tour guide, Giles, was very caution before we started about finding out where everyone was “coming from.” He also commented that given France and Britain’s history he didn't want to offend any of the French. Since there were no French present, he felt more at liberty to joke about how the Arc de Triumph in Paris was actually not from a victory. He also pointed out the British imitation of the Arc since they, in fact, did defeat Napoleon.

I was also quite impressed with the theater district of London. It was amazing to see so many people that were so excited to attend a musical. “Wicked” was the spectacular that it promised to be. I was really impressed at how easily it was to understand the cast. I wonder how much training they have to make sure that they are very articulate. In the show, there is a conflict between the Wizard and the Animals. Under the Wizard's dictatorship, the Animal community was being incarcerated, tortured, and manipulated. They were being seen as a lesser group and were “no longer permitted to speak, now they can only screech.” I think this is a very good example of worldview in regards to nature and other creatures. Traditionally Native Americans value nature and living creatures, even those who are not human. While the musical was stressing the importance of speaking out and criticizing the government and leaders (a Western worldview) , I was also equating it to the worldview that animals should also be treated with respect. I am not a huge supporter of PETA since I think they take the issue to an extreme, but I do believe animals should be treated with dignity. I do not think it's funny to feed a seagull sixteen ibprofen pills.... I was not there and do not know the details, but I am very disgusted by this action. Following a worldview of individualism does not excuse excessive drinking followed by cruelty to animals. That is my soap box for the day, but I am very frustrated by the actions of people in my generation. There are many aspects of worldview for which I need more knowledge. Already this experience has given me a different way of thinking, but I do look forward to what lies ahead of me.

Well, that is all I have for tonight, but remember to “mind the gap.”



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