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waking up on top of Kerala, India

February 25, 2010 @ 8:29 AM | Permalink

One Sunday in January I woke up at five in the morning and walked in silence for an hour or so across the forest in Neyyar Dam, a natural reserve in Kerala, the southernmost province in India. Along the way we heard the lions and elephants roar in the distance, they were about to wake up with the sun, same as us. I and other hundreds yogis climbed the last sacred hill barefoot.

There we sat singing while waiting for the sunrise. It was kind of cold and chilly and the sky around us full of birds and fog.

In India the sun rises very quickly and rays of sunlight are so intense that it seems that all around you is going to catch on fire and burn off. All that tremendous sunlight makes you feel more awake than ever, it is like having the feeling that you are waking up for the first time in your life. After the sunrise we headed downhill back to the ashram, we were not walking in silence any longer, people were laughing and chatting all the way back, that is how I met a cool girl from Delhi, Pooja or Puja (which means worship, dedication and belief in Hinduism), and she taught me how to say I will drink your blood in Hindi. 


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