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The underground Cave/Restaurant/Bar

December 14, 2009 @ 3:18 PM | Permalink

 (endAPRIL2009)Making friends with the chinese man who owned our hostel in Playa Del Carmen was one of the most helpful experiences I could have had down there. One day he was willing to drive my travel companion and to his favorite restaurant, off the main calle 5 of Playa. Finally, I was getting a bit sick of the ignorant tourists who were willing to pay 3 times the price that everything in the shops were worth because they didn't know better. Playa was not exactly the cultural-immersion I had been hoping for.

But, I don't really know if a more expensive restaurant was exactly that cultural either, but at least it was where the locals went; the locals with money any way.

So Rio, the owner Hostel Rio (very clever name..) drove us to ALUX. Now, when Rio said it was a restaurant underground, I thought that he had meant it would be a fabricated setting. But, shows how great my Spanish was, because ALUX was an actual underground cave that had been discovered ten years ago. And someone had the brilliant idea to turn it into a restaurant/bar with fantastic colorful lighting and effects to set the mood. 

I would recommend this place to anyone passing through playa, because the place was absolutely gorgeous, the atmosphere charming, the bartenders genuine, and the drinks were cheap ( cheap for us considering a Martini was about $3). They even had private areas spread throughout the cave, each area having a different theme, where paying guests could enjoy some privacy with the comfort of mattresses and plush chairs. Not to mention the entire cave was extremely large, and one could wander throughout it, admiring the lighting, stalagmites and stalactites, as well as the tiny river that ran through a part of it. 

It was a truly unique experience!


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