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Two Weeks, Ten Countries: a backpacker's itinerary

June 7, 2010 @ 11:21 AM | Permalink

Just over two weeks spent traveling through ten European countries.

It was completely worth every minute spent planning the trip - but you're welcome to save yourself some time by stealing parts of our itinerary.

We used an Interrail flexipass.  It was valid for 10 days of travel within 22, and cost €239 for a youth (under 26) riding 2nd-class.

Tues April 6
Take Eurostar from London to Paris (leave 20:04, arrive 24:26)
Night in Paris @ Young & Happy
Wed April 7
Day in Paris
Overnight train to Austria via Munich (leave 20:20, arrive 11:40)
Thurs April 8
Day/Night in Vienna @ Wombats City Hostel - The Base
Fri April 9
Morning train to Budapest, day in city
Overnight train to Bucharest (leave 19:13, arrive 10:34)
Sat April 10
Arrive in Bucharest, 20 minute layover
Overnight train to Istanbul (leave 12:24, arrive 7:50) through Bulgaria
Sun April 11
Day/Night in Istanbul @ Orient Hostel
Mon April 12
Day in Istanbul
Overnight train to Thessaloniki (leave 19:05, arrive 9:33)
Tues April 13
Day/Night in Thessaloniki @

Wed April 14
Morning train to Athens
Day/Night in Athens @ Zorbas Hotel
Thurs April 15
Day in Athens
Take afternoon train to Patras
Overnight on Minoan Lines ferry (leave at midnight)
Fri April 16
Traveling on ferry!  If it's warm and you have sleeping bags, take deck class.  If not, shell out for a cabin.
Sat April 17
8:00 arrival by ferry in Venice
Day/Night in Venice @ Reiter Hotel
Sun April 18
Train from Venice to Florence (leave 9:20, arrive 12:17)
Day/Night in Florence
Mon April 19
Day/Night in Florence @ Int'l Student House
Tues April 20
Morning train to Rome (leave 10:10, arrive 13:24)
Day/Night in Rome @ Mamma Mia
Wed April 21
Day/Night in Rome

Thurs April 22
Day in Rome
Depart 22:05 from Rome Ciampino airport, arrive at Stansted London at 23:45


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