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I've got 99 Problems...and as per usual, they all involve money.

January 18, 2010 @ 1:22 PM | Permalink

Quel journee.

Today was the start of Orientation Week! I took the bus in with the girls I met yesterday (qui sont tres sympas, elles) to the AUCP building and sort of met the rest of the group while listening to la Directrice give a general explanation of her pedagogy. We ate lunch in small groups with one of the French language partners-- mine was a 22 year old student at the engineering school right next door. Il etait tres sympa et tres beau, mais peut-etre un peu timid. After lunch we had to take really long tests to see where we fit in the French comprehension spectrum (a test we will need to take at the end of the year to see if we've improved) and a test to measure our feelings about intercultural interactions...

I found it pretty ridiculous, I'll be honest. It asks you what nationality and ethnicity you are, and then it uses statements which it claims come from all over the world but are very clearly American. It says things like, "In our culture, we are better at improving ourselves than others," are we are supposed to scare the extent to which we agree or disagree...c'etait ridicule et bizarre, and clearly geared towards Americans. Ugh. "Our Culture."

Okay, so money problems-- because I always seem to have them whenever I travel. My card was eaten by the ATM, like I think I mentioned before? I couldn't get it back from the bank because 1) there wasn't a bank attached and 2) the banks are all closed at every possible convenient time. Apparently my American credit card won't let me take out money either. I called my American bank today, and they told me that a new card is on the way but could take a week or so to get here, and that I can't use the French partner bank of my American one to get money out of my account. And my other American ATM card from home couldn't be sent until tomorrow by my father because the banks were closed today.

Quel Dommage.

In summary: I have already borrowed 27,5 euros de ma mere ici, and will be borrowing 20 de plus demain; I have no way of getting money otherwise until my card comes (or rather, until one of my cards comes); et for myself, I have about 50 centimes en ma porte-feuille et c'est tout.

That being said, I suppose that I am fortunate that the money issues are my only serious problems at the moment. J'adore Aix!  More when I actually go out exploring; for now, I am reading a French translation of "A Year in Provence" by Peter Mayle, an Englishman who moved to Provence. C'est tres interessant, surtout parce que je n'ai de devoirs mainenant.


Posted on 1/20/2010 by

Katherine DiPierro

I'm guessing "Quel Dommage" is colloquial French for "What a mess." Warning: if you keep up typing in Franglais I may have to start translating you using Google. And then post the translations.

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Charles De Gaulle truly is the devil, no? I'm glad you made it safely, even if you did meet a significant number of misfortunes. We will skype soon!

William LaPlant on Bienvenue! 2010-01-17

Oh, darling! I'm so glad you're in Aix, mostly in one piece and speaking/writing beautiful Franglais. But please tell me: why did you need a pillow to plug the laundry ...

Katherine DiPierro on Bienvenue! 2010-01-17

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