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Travel Wrap-Up

June 9, 2010 @ 8:50 AM | Permalink

 My apologies to all my loyal readers, (about 6 or so) that I have not written a new blog post in so long. I’ve been dealing with a stomach bug for the last month and have been preoccupied with getting healthy and finishing up my London bucket list. First I want to summarize the rest of my travels:

Rome: After Venice we went to Rome. Our hostel didn’t exist. Had to book a new one. 1st night went to a club called ‘Goa’ with two Italian guys where Marco Carola (best Italian DJ) played. We were only white people there: it was awesome! A true cultural experience. Saw Vatican, the Basilica, the Sistine Chapel (breathtaking), especially after hearing all the history behind it (we snuck up behind a tour group and listened in). Saw the Coliseum, the Forum, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain.



Athens: Flight to Athens got cancelled because of the volcano, had to pay 130 euros each for a new flight on a different airline. These things happen. Greek people have a very distinct look to them, something like tan, reform Jews on vacation. Stayed at Athenstyle, amazing hostel with a rooftop bar. You could see the Acropolis and the Agora, which were lit up at night. Greece has the best snack ever – Souvlaki. It’s like a giro: pita bread wrapped up with tsatsiki sauce, chicken/lamb/pork, onions, lettuce, tomato, fries, salt, and paprika. WOW. All for 1.80 euros. We got one every day, sometimes two. We met two girls; Chantel and Lyndsay from Michigan studying in Sevilla, made good friends. Also bought some sandals from the famous poet sandalmaker who has been commissioned by celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Jackie O, John Lennon, and Bob Saget!



Santorini: Short jump over to the Greek island of Santorini, shaped like a crescent. Our villa was glorious - huge room with our own bathroom, balcony, and the friendliest owner (named George) who brought us free breakfast every morning and free wine every night. Chantel and Lynsday followed us to Santorini, we went out one night and George brought us shots of Ouzo, the notorious liquor of Greece. We got a real American breakfast at Mama’s house. Scrambled eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, REAL bacon, everything they don’t have in England. Saw most epic sunset in the world at Oia, took lots of pictures. We rented ATVs and rode to the different beaches. Choose from white, black, or red sand. We hit them all. On our 3 year anniversary, Danielle and I went on a boat trip to a volcano and then to some hot springs where we jumped off the boat and swam to the warm sulfuric water. Another couple was on their honeymoon but didn’t bring bathing suits, the woman was jealous that the young couple got to have more fun, so they jumped in after us in only their underwear. Came back and rode donkeys up the cliffside back to the top. We had 5 days here, so it felt more like a vacation and less like an adventure. It was a great ending to our Euro trip.


I still had some days left on my Eurail pass so I went back to Spain.


Barcelona Again: Steph and Alli were going to Barcelona so I thought I might as well go back since I loved it so much. Had a fun two days – went to Park Guelli, the Gaudi park that I missed the first time around. Lied out on the beach, where tons of azn ladies kept coming by offering “massagies.” One was particularly persistent, she kept touching Steph, trying to get her to buy a massage because she made the mistake of responding ‘maybe later’. We stayed in the Kabul Hostel off of Las Ramblas street. The girls stayed in a 20 person room where one of the beds was occupied by an old black man who surrounded himself with balloons and was selling weed to the young travelers. He said his name was ‘Jesus’ and he loved house music, the balloons were just his cover. He had been there for two months. We had two pitchers of Sangria the last night and it messed up my stomach. That’s the last time I drank alcohol. It’s been 3 weeks, which in study abroad time is like 30 years.



Madrid: I spent all day sitting in El Parque de Ciutadella, waiting for my train and trying to recover by nibbling on breadsticks and drinking lots of water. I survived the ride (which was only a little over two hours on a hi-speed train) and landed in Madrid. The hostel was small but filled with guys and a drunk 12 year old from Australia. The entire city was full of Italians and Germans because it was two days before the EUFA futbol championship between Inter-Milan and Munich. I ‘cruised’ with some 28 year old bros from San Diego. We went to a big park and then to the Prado museum, which house Las Meninas, the most expensive painting in the world. I couldn’t sleep the night before I left because soccer fans were singing and chanting in the streets all night, but I did get to finish my 400+ page book. Nerd alert.



Sevilla: Met up with Chantel from Greece in her native town of Sevilla. It was her birthday. She took me to a free Flamenco show featuring an overweight dancer whose arm fat jiggled in harmony with her foot tapping. Saw the royal gardens, a big cathedral w/ sweet view of the city, Plaza de Espana (where they shot Naboo for the new Star Wars). Weather was beautiful! Check my facebook for all the pics because it was a gorgeous city. Spain is a lazy country, and Sevilla is the laziest city in the country. Very old-fashioned. Siestas every day for an indefinite amount of time close stores in the afternoon. Wanted a cool souvenir so I bought a DVD of Cinema Paridisio in Spanish thinking it was a Spanish movie, read the back cover, turns out its Italian. So now I have an authentic Italian DVD in Spanish. NICE!


So that’s a lot to digest, I want to do one more blog post to wrap up the whole journey. Stay tuned, MORE TO COME. ^_^





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