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Paris, France

April 28, 2010 @ 9:53 AM | Permalink

Holy guacamole, Paris was a whirlwind! Which I think is representative of life in that city. I had a bad morning on the train there and I think I know why.

1) On our picnic in Nice, we ate brie that was sitting out in the sun all day.

2) We drank a bottle of wine quickly before we went to sleep and I hardly ever drink wine.

3) The room we slept in was like an oven. Plus our bed was next to the heater and it was two of us squeezed into a single.

4) We only had four hours of sleep before trudging a mile uphill with our bags to the station.

My stomach hated my guts and vice versa. Luckily by the time we got there I felt a lot better.

We met up with one of Danielle's best friends, Cathy, who is studying abroad in Paris and speaks close to fluent French.  She was a great tour guide.

First we saw the Arc de Triumph, then walked down the Champs-Elysees, a huge boulevard that stretches all the way to the Louvre.

The Louvre is the biggest and most visited museum in the world. Everywhere you look was a magnificent masterpiece. We struggled through the large crowd to see the real Mona Lisa, but I was more impressed by the paintings that were the size of a king bed sheet, drawn with the finest detail. Oh by the way, we got in for free after showing our London uni IDs. 

- that last one is me getting up to go pee in the middle of the night without trying to wake Danielle.

After that we went to the Jewish quarter to get falafels for dinner at a world famous diner that Lenny Kravitz used to frequent. I got a shwarma but I tasted Danielle's falafal - both very delicious. Jewish pride flowed through my veins, haha. I noticed some boys who looked about six with the beginnings of peahs and it looked really silly. I'm glad I have the freedom to eat falafel with shaved sideburns.

Next we went to a ballet at the new opera house. The title was Siddharta, and from what I saw it was really impressive, with huge set pieces dangling from the sky, but I was definitely nodding off through most of it. The dancing was very sexual, which I guess was partly due to the theme of the play. We got to meet the other students in Cathy's program - 19 well dressed, cute girls and a female professor. I asked, "Where the bros at?"

Me and the ladies went to a chill bar/club called Hideout where I shmoozed with the DJs a bit. They played a lot of 90s classics I had forgotten about, like this one!  Afterwards we got crepes, and boy do they love Nutella in Europe!

It was a very long day and I was ready to conk out. We had a very comfy bed. We accidentally slept in the next morning since we were so tired but we still made the most of our day. We made reservations at the train station and then walked towards the Sacre Cour. Danielle was going to ask someone in a cafe for directions but before she could pull out her map, they pointed and said 'that way.' There were a ton of tourists there. The view of the city was one of a kind, truly stunning.

Notre Dame was kinda cool.

We walked around the actual church, which was enormous, but photography was forbidden inside. We also walked down to the old opera house, and the galleries - a chic area filled with plenty of place to blow your money. Later we met up with Cathy and her friends again and they took us to a happy hour where the cocktails were still 4.50 euros. I had to get one because it was very French. I forgot the name but they poured in raspberry chambord topped off with champagne. We cheers-ed by saying "Chi Chi" and looking everyone in the eye. Apparently if you don't look them in the eye, it's bad luck.

Cathy took us to get giros and we bought some wine before heading to the Eiffel tower, which is a spectacle at night. For 10 minutes every hour on the hour, it sparkles. Lots of oohs and aahs from the tourists.

We took a lot of pictures and then hopped on the metro home. It was a perfect ending to our 'parisian getaway', but it was over so soon. We had the Swiss Alps to look forward to next so it wasn't too much of a downer catching the train the next morning.


Au Revoir,




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