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It's A Big World After All: "Global Lives" Offers Footage Of Ordinary People From Brazil To Japan

June 9, 2009 @ 9:36 AM | Permalink

How many people in the world are reading a magazine right now? Eating breakfast? Kissing? Trying to imagine everyone's lives at once can be dizzying, to say the least. The "Global Lives" project, the brainchild of former Glimpse contributor David Evan Harris, plays on this experience by filming the lives of ordinary people and showing the footage in immersive video installations around the world.

The point is to create an “encyclopedia of human life experience.” So far they have filmed 24 hours in the lives of people in India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Malawi, Brazil, and the United States. Interested in filming someone? Global Lives depends on the contributions of volunteers and welcomes involvement from anyone who is handy with a video camera.

David says, “We hope to challenge viewers to rethink their lives and their relationship with the world.” It’s amazing how something as simple as footage from other people’s daily lives can cause you to do just that.


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