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Photo Picks: Playing Around in Kenya, Floating Meditation in India, Street Food in China

August 5, 2009 @ 1:25 PM | Permalink



Chris Minihane

What it's about:
Daniel, pictured here, is a Kenyan Maasai who lives near the Tanzanian border. According to Chris, "he's probably one of the nicest guys in Kenya." Daniel loves being photographed and was happy to let Chris snap some shots while he played around with his multipurpose wrap. At the time this photo was taken, Daniel had recently had all his braids shaved off in the typical Maasai ritual for his age group and clan.

Why we like it: The joy here is contagious. Daniel's reach to the sky in the wide expanse of land suggests total liberation. With so much photography from Africa highlighting the continent's shocking poverty, this image is a refreshing exception.


Photographer: Eli Shams

What it's about: This man sat in the lotus position on the bank of the Godavari river in Nasik, India and let himself fall into the water. For the next half hour, he was absolutly still, floating amidst flowers and other offerings from the Hindu Mahashivratri festival. Eli returned to the riverbank the next day to look for him, but he was nowhere to be found.

Why we like it: What drew us to this photo was its overwhelming sense of mystery. The waters are murky. The man's eyes are peacefully closed. What this man is doing is not immediately apparent (is he dead?!), but even despite our confusion, the photo has a distinctly calming aura that seems almost otherworldly.


Kester Lei

What it's about: In central Hong Kong, this dai pai dong (outdoor food stall) called Ball Kee serves all kinds of freshly fried noodles and rice. Kester has been working in Hong Kong for nine years, and Ball Kee was right next to his first job. He has been a long-time customer, and is saddened to see demand for dai pai dong waning across Hong Kong as more people are becoming conerned about sanitation standards.

Why we like it: This photo is all about engaging your senses: You can almost feel the sweltering heat and the rising steam. The incredible light makes the steam its own character in the scene. We always love images that capture a candid, intimate moment in someone's everyday life.



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